Course Modules

The African Leadership Development Centre’s Diploma Programme in Leadership will run for two academic sessions. It will be offered in eight (8) modular diets spread over four semesters, running four (4) hours per week.  This has been so structured to enable a focused and situated approach in comprehensively addressing the core components of Leadership that the Diploma programme covers. The modules across the four semesters are presented below:

Year I (DLD211)

Alpha Semester

Module    1:    Introduction to Leadership Development

Module    2:    Foundations of Leadership Development

Module    3:    Leadership Synergies

Module    4:    Leadership Practice


Omega Semester

Module    1:     Leadership Pathways

Module 2:      Leadership in Context: Nigeria, Africa and Global Platforms

Module 3:       Leadership Applications

Module 4:       Leadership Practice







Year 2 (DLD221)


Alpha Semester

Module 1: Foundations of Leadership Development (2)

Module 2: Effective Leadership

Module 3: Biblical Foundations: The Power of Virtues

Module 4: Leadership Practice



Omega Semester

Module 1: Contemporary Issues and Leadership (Political, Economic, Social & Cultural)

Module 2: Leadership: Management Dimensions

Module 3: Excellence in Leadership

Module 4: Leadership Practice