Completion Requirements

To meet the requirements for completion, students are expected to:

a. Meet the University’s 80% lectures attendance policy in. However, only approved mitigating circumstances will be condoned in the event that lectures are missed. Attendance will be taken during all lecture sessions.

b. Provide evidence of full registration as a current student of Covenant           University by wearing current session’s University identity card to all lectures.

c. Ensure due engagement with teaching learning process, due diligence in      ensuring comportment      and approved carriage during lecture sessions.

d. Participate in all assignments, examinations and comply with the rules for the        conduct and “life lines” for submissions.

e. Student must have made a pass grade of not less than 60% cumulatively with      continuous assessment.

  1. Participate in the experiential learning and practicum experience.

  1. Comply with the core value of integrity, plagiarism policy of the University and     ensure the use of Turn tin in all written assignments submitted.

  1. Student must have submitted their practice/evidence-based Leadership activity     report (Project) in addition to fulfilling all the stipulations in (a-g) above,           before they qualify for the final examinations.

All students who successfully complete the requirements stated above will be awarded the Covenant University Diploma in Leadership Development.