Background Philosophy

The inspiration driving the specially packaged Leadership Development programme is based on the fundamental perspectives hinged on Covenant University’s Vision emphasis of raising new generation leaders in all fields of human endeavour. The mandate of Covenant University is to revolutionize the educational landscape of Africa. Covenant University is a rescue mission in education, driven on the platform of Christian ethos and life transforming values. The integration of the fundamental requirements of worthiness in character and learning is a core requirement for fulfilling the requirements for graduation. The Certificate in Leadership development will provide a powerful synergy for empowerment, in enabling the inculcation of intellectual and creative abilities via a platform of a solid commitment to self-discovery and an ethos fuelled on responsibility as we   address the challenges of our time.

The Visioner and Chancellor, Covenant University, Dr David Oyedepo expressed these thoughts as flagged below on Leadership. These thoughts are expected to inspire the students of this programme as they are introduced to the subject matter of leadership: – Leaders are called to herald change.

–         Leaders take the lead in meeting the needs of others.

–         Leaders are not tied to positional authority rather they thrive on the contributions they makes to society.

–         Leadership begins from the man who will in turn develop the society where he finds himself.

–         Leaders are captioned as a Value Adding Personalities (VAP) rather than Very Important Personalities (VIP).

–         Leaders are those who show the way in their fields by the proofs of their efforts that culminate in knowledge creation and problem solving.

–         Leaders are those who bring improvements to existing systems.

–         Leaders halt unproductive patterns of engagement.

–         Leaders are doers rather than talkers.

–         Leaders are explorers of the future they want everyone to be a part of.

(Leadership Thoughts of Dr David Oyedepo)